The International Consortium for Research on Violence is committed to the following principles:

  • international and intercultural exchange of experiences
  • assessment of violence phenomena through comparative and interdisciplinary research approaches 
  • analysis under the premise of ‘application in peace processes’
  • elaboration of recommendations for further action.

On a first level, the International Consortium for Research on Violence puts emphasis on the academic investigation of three focal topics. These are: ‘Transitional Justice’, ‘Reconciliation’, and ‘Economic Reconstruction’. They set the general frame for an annual focus and respective annual symposiums. Analysis of contentious situations and contexts will have to consider ‘obstacles and potentials’ in order to elaborate on ‘ways out of violence’. 

On a second level, Iraq serves as exemplary country case study in the medium term. Iraq’s case is embedded into regional and global analysis. A profound investigation of experiences from other world regions provides comparative context and a framework for annual Iraq conferences and ICRoV meetings. 

On a third level, field studies on the respective focal topics are conducted. These empirical studies are implemented in different locations in Iraq. They are realized under the central coordination of IVRoV, and include participation of international researchers.

Annual reports will be documented and published.