The Felsberg Institute for Education and Academic Research (FI) is a free and independent research institution. The FI sees itself as an autonomous and decentralised platform and as a forum for members, employees, affiliates and interested parties. The FI initiates, commissions and implements practical projects and academic studies and coordinates ongoing initiatives and projects.

The FI combines academic research and practice, by initiating and conducting projects in different social contexts and accompanying them in a scholarly manner. The FI brings the practical experience gained in the field and in the everyday work of its employees and affiliated researchers into the academic knowledge process.

The FI works interdisciplinarily. The academics involved in the research work bring the instruments and methods of their respective disciplines into joint research projects and deal with the epistemological questions of other disciplines, within the framework of the tools of their own discipline.

The FI works comparatively. Its research fields are always viewed and analysed according to horizontal (cross-culture) and vertical (cross-time) aspects.

The FI works in a decentralised manner in terms of organisation and content. The institution is based in Felsberg (Germany). The employees working at the FI and the academics who are affiliated with the FI are fundamentally autonomous in their work and choose and process their questions and analyses freely and independently. They coordinate their work in research groups and / or research networks within the framework of overarching joint questions and analyses.