Felsberger Institut e.V.'s Iraq Desk Officer visits Kirkuk

On 25th November 2010, Mr Nazar Jamil, Felsberger Institut e.V.'s Iraq Desk Officer in Erbil, visited the city of Kirkuk in order to hold cooperation talks.
He met with Mrs Tania Muhamad, head of the Kirkuk based NGO called CDO (Community Development Organisation) for an assessment of NGO activities in Kirkuk. As one main outcome of the meeting, both sides agreed upon conducting a conference on "Ethnic Victimisation" in Kirkuk.
A second meeting took place at the University of Kirkuk, where Nazar Jamil met with the rector for the College of Law and lectures of "Human Right Subjects". The university agreed upon participating in the Kirkuk "Ethnic Victimization" conference and presenting presentations. As a second topic, both sides discussed possibilities of staff training in lecturing on human rights subjects as well as developing a teachers' guideline for human rights studies.
Meetings will be continued in 2011.


Felsberger Institut e.V. participates in the 4th AEGIS conference in Uppsala, Sweden

15.-18. June 2011 Felsberger Institut e.V. e.V. participates in the 4th AEGIS conference in Uppsala, Sweden with 2 panels.

Panel 1: Eritrea - a country losing its People

The focus of this panel is the investigation of different aspects of migration and exodus from Eritrea. In order to make that possible, historical and current relationships between the political system and migration are considered.


Panel 2: The Horn of Africa at the brink of the 21st century - coping with fragmentation, isolation and marginalization in a globalizing environment

This panel puts emphasis on the entire Horn of Africa and tries to detect whether a qualification of the recent situation in the Horn as marginalization is realistic or whether it is rather one-dimensionally displayed. Political, historical, social and economic issues are considered.



Panel 1 & 2 (deutsch)

Panel 1 & 2 (englisch)


Stakeholder-Workshop on behalf of the ongoing research project on Migration from Eritrea and Ethiopia

Dear friends, contributors, colleagues and activists,
we would like to invite you to discuss the preliminary results of our research project on migration from Eritrea and Ethiopia at Bayreuth University, 15 January 2011. We hope to contribute to a better understanding and also an improvement of the migrants’ difficult situation. Please circulate this invitation! For organizational reasons, however, we would like to ask you to register beforehand. Please find more information in the attached document.
We would very much appreciate your participation.