Academic Workshop in Methods of Qualitative Social Research, Halabja, Kurdistan/Iraq

Together with the local NGO ‘SPI/White Organization’ the Felsberg Institute organized a „Training in Methods of Qualitative Social Research: Oral History and Biographic Interview” at ‘Dange Nwe’ Radio Station in Halabja (Kurdistan, Iraq), 23-24 April 2014. SPI represents the victims of Saddam Hussein’s poison gas attacks. Also the newly founded Halabja University and the NGO Wadi from Sulaymaniyah supported and co-organised the event. The two instructors Hartmut Quehl and Magnus Treiber were kindly funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

The workshop addressed academics (especially historians and political scientists), journalists and non-academic experts on Kurdistan’s local history. Methods of qualitative social research, particularly Oral History research and biographic interviewing, have been presented and practical as well as theoretical questions evolving from empirical research experiences have been jointly discussed. Halabja was systematically bombed with poison gas in 1988, today respective historic research is far from being completed. Therefore our discussion focused on interviews with surviving eye witnesses and relatives of victims.

The Felsberg Institute intends further cooperation within its research focus ‘social history of liberation wars after WWII’ e.g. concerning the documentation and interpretation of Kurdish Peshmerga-fighter biographies.



Hartmut Quehl and Magnus Treiber with workshop participants, Radio Dange Nwe, Halabja, 23 April 2014.


Unbegleitete Minderjährige zwischen Traumatisierung und Integrationsdruck

07.-08.08.2014, Felsberger Institut e.V., Felsberg bei Kassel

Sind unbegleitete minderjährige Flüchtlinge und Migrant_innen auch weitgehend unsichtbar, so sind sie doch in wachsender Zahl in Deutschland und in der Europäischen Union präsent. Wenig bestritten ist, dass sie eine in besonderem Maße schutzwürdige Gruppe bilden, ein allgemein geteiltes kohärentes und integriertes Konzept zu Schutz, Betreuung und Unterstützung unbegleiteter Minderjähriger fehlt jedoch weitgehend. Dies liegt nicht zuletzt an unterschiedlichen und unterschiedlich ausgelegten Rechtsrahmen (UN, EU, BRD) und Zuständigkeiten (etwa der deutschen Bundesländer), an mangelndem politischen Willen, weithin ungesicherter Betreuungsfinanzierung und eingeschränkter Kenntnis sowohl der Herkunftskontexte und Migrationserfahrungen als auch der aktuellen Nöte und Lebenssituationen in Deutschland.

Call for Papers/Tagungsaufruf


Magnus Treiber takes over Felsberger Institut e.V. project coordination

Magnus Treiber holds a Ph.D. from Munich University. Trained as anthropologist he did his doctoral research on milieus and life worlds of young urbanites in Asmara, capital of Eritrea (Der Traum vom guten Leben. 2005). Together with Prof. Dr. Kurt Beck he headed the research project „Dynamic worlds of imagination – Learning processes, knowledge and communication among young urban migrants from Eritrea and Ethiopia” (2009-2013) within the Bavarian Research Alliance’s network “Migration and Knowledge” (ForMig). Within this framework he conducted fieldwork in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia and Khartoum/Sudan.

The Horn of Africa in all its political, cultural and social diversity is one of his major interests. His recent publications focus on urban anthropology and migration issues as well as on political and existential anthropology. In his current book project (“Habilitationsprojekt”, Bayreuth University) Magnus Treiber interprets „informality and informalisation“ in emigration from Eritrea from a global as well as from an existential perspective.

After teaching at Munich and Bayreuth Universities he will now take over the academic coordination of two EU-funded projects at Felsberger Institut e.V.: “Promotion of language and advancement of study for the integration of unaccompanied minor refugees (UMR’s) into the German school and educational system” and “Training and awareness raising for psychotherapists working with unaccompanied minors”. Furthermore he will be responsible for the development of Felsberger Institut’s ‘Horn of Africa’ profile.

Magnus Treiber is a member of the German Anthropological Association (GAA), the ‚European Association of Social Anthropologists‘ (EASA) as well as the ‚International Consortium for Research on Violence‘ (ICRoV).


First Circular: 10 years on – Stocktaking and Perspectives

International Conference
Vom 9.-13.12.2013 fand in Erbil/Kurdistan – Nordiraq die Internationale Konferenz 10 years on – Stocktaking and Perspectives“ statt. Ein ausführlicher Bericht folgt.
Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq
Kirkuk, Iraq

Organized by:
Salahaddin University Hawler
Kirkuk University
University of Erlangen-Nürnberg - Center for Iraq Studies
Felsberg Institute for Education and Academic Research