Book Launch

Handbook of Research on Transitional Justice and Peace Building in Turbulent Regions



Fredy Cante (Universidad del Rosario, Colombia)

Hartmut Quehl (Felsberg Institute, Germany)


Fredy Cante: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTiyLrsfpx0


IGI Global, Hershey PA 2016


In the era of globalization, awareness surrounding issues of violence and human rights violations has reached an all-time high. In a world where billions of human beings have the potential to create endless destruction, these same individuals are capable of working cooperatively to create adequate solutions to current global problems. The Handbook of Research on Transitional Justice and Peace Building in Turbulent Regions focuses on current issues facing nations and regions where poverty and conflict are endangering the lives of citizens as well as the socio-economic viability of those regions. Highlighting crucial topics and offering potential solutions to problems relating to domestic and international conflict, societal safety and security, as well as political instability, this comprehensive publication is designed to meet the research needs of economists, social theorists, politicians, policy makers, human rights activists, researchers, and graduate-level students across disciplines.


Handbook of Research on Transitional Justice and Peace Building in Turbulent Regions





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Writers’ Workshop Basra: „Writing for Life“

Women writers from Iraq and Germany meet in Basra, 12 Dec 2015


 “I am delighted that you are here – and not all in Germany,” welcomed Birgit Svensson  from Felsberg Institute the conference’s 130 participants. Two days earlier the bench mark of apparently more than one million refugees had been reached. “If you all leave for Germany, I will end up alone in this country.” Birgit Svensson has been working in Iraq for the last five years, assisting people between Euphrates and Tigris to develop chances and perspectives – in order to be able to stay.

In this context the workshop in Basra in the South of Iraq was organised to bring women writers from Iraq and Germany together and enable mutual exchange and new projects. This found support of the Goethe-Institute in Iraq, whose Director Omed Arghandiwal also came to Basra. Due to the country’s tense financial situation funding for cultural events has been rigorously cut down. 2015 this event in Basra’s public cultural centre was the first and only international conference in the city. Therefore the cultural centre’s director Abdelhak al-Mothafer welcomed and substantially supported this very successful women writers’ workshop.


A detailed report, including pictures, is available here.


US-Delegation from University of Tennessee/Knoxville visits refugee camps in Hessen

15-21 Dec 2015 Felsberg Institute received the visit of an academic delegation from the University of Tennessee/Knoxville. Prof. Tricia Redeker Hepner Ph.D, Department of Anthropology and Director of the Disasters, Displacement and Human Rights Program, sociologist Randal Hepner Ph.D, Department of Religious Studies and Prof. Karla M. McKanders Esq., College of Law and Director of the Law Clinic, arrived from Knoxville to explore on Germany’s current influx of refugees. They were accompanied by students Brook L. Conner, Pacific School of Religion, University of California/Berkeley, and Joshua C. Brown, College Scholars and Haslam Scholars Program at UoT, who currently prepare study projects and thesis writing.

In order to provide a broad picture and open up different vistas FI organised visits in various public and private institutions as well as several meetings with involved professionals and local politicians.


Medal of Peace

Polytecnical University of Nicaragua in Managua (UPOLI) honoured work and merits of Dr. Hartmut Quehl, director of Felsberg Institute, in a public ceremony on 19 Nov 2015, when UPOLI's Martin-Luther-King-Institute for Political Science's awarded Dr. Quehl its "Orden de la Paz" - the medal of peace. At this occasion Dr. Quehl held a speech on the 'Islamic State'in Syria and Iraq, also commenting on the latest Paris attacks. The text is available as FI's latest working paper (in German language).

Hartmut Quehl receives UPOLI's 'medal of peace' in Managua/Nicaragua